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LFL Proudly Presents: LFL | Canada – Game 1 – BC Angels vs Regina Rage – FREE VIEW.

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tommoore2012 says:

Because that’s not what they do and the reason is they are real professional athletes with so much endurance and like to see the hardest hits that can be ditched out

MrJoshcolbert says:

this is worse than real football

jadenrandallbell says:

you dont you like watching sexy women play full contact football in lingerie ! fucking queer

justin21491 says:

This has to be the dumbest thing in sports history. . . what fucking self respecting pro athlete would wana do this.

TheKrammerhead says:

…and their stupid stereotypical comments in reference to all things Canada.

TheKrammerhead says:

Great entertainment, could do without the American commentators.

KidWhoWhat says:

This may be the most idiotic comment I have ever read on YouTube. So Congrats.

1710barton says:

This is nt fantasy football. This is FOR REAL FOOTBALL!

trapMCA010 says:

nikki johnson ass smh

tinydog6666 says:

I have known so many homophobic men that love to watch big sweaty guys grab each other and roll around on the ground together. I’ve often wondered just how they can be anti gay when their favorite past time involves sweaty men groping each other. I will never understand a straight man watching regular football but I think I could understand them watching this. If this would have been the football that was around when I was younger I think I just might have been a football fan.

cochise12366 says:


Hollywood1127 says:


chubbyjenks says:

this is awesome lol

SesameNatty says:

Vagina Rage

jenova9 says:

if it weren’t for the unpredictable slip ups the Regina Rage made, could have even them out with BC Angels and perhaps even outscored them. But touchdown worthy instances that slipped from their hands (flukes, really), as well as that later interception that gave BC Angels greater dominance in the 2nd half, made it harder and harder for RR to make a comeback. Couple that with a coach that abandoned them, Regina Rage were climbing a mountain with one arm; they deserve respect.

jenova9 says:

Both are at fault (the spectator grabbing the ball and keeping it out of reach, triggered her reaction, he even gave the ball to the referee instead of her. No spectator has ANY right touching the football unless it fell past the barrier), but firing Tessa would NOT be the right thing to do. Mortaza just has to give Tessa a warning, and at the most extreme, a suspension to let that warning sink in, while messaging everyone a reminder that grabbing/pulling spectators is forbidden.

DrenalinScreamline says:

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DanHeartsChicken says:

Probably not. I’ve followed the US LFL over the last couple of years and they still don’t call anything except actual punches or kicks.

DanHeartsChicken says:

For real. 

brecfhelt says:

I think their coach quit and did nothing during the game

DanielLalonde says:

12 Stevi is a babe.

vergonazo44 says:

tessa barrera is a bully,but she and nikki will be the new coaches of regina rage

mikesmith20 says:

Just saw the BC/Regina game and it was AWSOME!!!! But one that pissed me of is that Tessa Barrera put her hands on a fan. One thing that her or any other player of the LFL should not ever,ever do is put your hands on a fan, EVER!!!!!!!! To hell with a fine or a suspension. FIRE TESSA’S ASS ON THE SPOT!!!!! What she done is unacceptable. She suppose to be a 3x time Lingerie Bowl Champ, not a bully. Mitch Mortaza needs to WAKE UP!!!!!! And put this girl in check!!!!!

GridironBeauties says:

It was crazy for both Tessa and Nikki to lose that game. They dont lose often. It was kinda weird that the broadcasters kept mentioning them as coaches and never mentioned the Coach on the sidelines once.

GridironBeauties says:

Lets hope Carmen Bourseau is ok with that concussion after the hit by Christina Bordignon late

Berniewrestle says:

Watching the games uncensored on Youtube is alot better then watching an edited version on MTV2…something LFL should keep in mind.

GridironBeauties says:

Loving the new rules. More wide open game with the 4 Quarter change. The two passes and two run rule is no longer a factor more traditional game. Steph Manou over 100 yards beast. Aleesa Garcia was oustanding #11 the surprise star of game one besides Mary Anne Hansen.

GridironBeauties says:

We think the foul language can be tone down. Especially after the plays end. It seem like things were provoked late in the game. Given its not on lIve TV. The referees really didnt call the after play shots. Some of those were by NFL rules huge penalties..We will see next game if they improve on the penalty calls or unsportsman like calls.

GridironBeauties says:

Its been a work in process. But the Angels showed they were better prepared throughout the game. Johnson and Meierotto really didnt click tonight with lots of drop passes. Angels D was tough especially Stevi Schnoor and Jessica Hopkins. Rage got frustrated Rossler/ Barrera really were feeling the heat behind and it showed their bully shots during the game especially the hit on Schnoor late The coaching changes really shown on the executions. Steph Manou showed she is a great athlete and runner

mechster1 says:

So glad I’m able to watch LFL Canada here in the states, thought I wouldn’t be able too, my favorite team is BC, because Stephanie Manou and Kate Marshall are amazingly talented and hot, a rare combination.

Booze129 says:

Finally we can watch LFL in Canada now? cause MTV2 is only in usa

Gate0r says:

Looks like the ones in white are wearing nappies

Rob Leo says:

British Columbia my new favourite team, GO Canada.

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