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Go behind-the-scenes with the Los Angeles Temptation at their 2015 training camp. Coach David Bizub Tui Suiaunoa return this season with plans to recapture their dynasty with a stacked roster of veterans and promising rookies.

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It was 12 Degrees and snowing outside when the Seattle Mist took the win over the home team Denver Dream. Catch the Highlights!

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This week, Mitch Mortaza, Tyler DeHaven, and Marcus de la Fuente chat with KK Matheny of the Jacksonville Breeze, Anna Fisher of the Atlanta Steam, and introduce the LFL’s new Sideline Reporter! The guys make their Week 1 picks as the 2013 LFL US Season kicks off in Jacksonville this Saturday! It all leads to the WORLDWIDE PREMIERE of the 2013 LFL USA NATIONAL COMMERCIAL!

Stay tuned as it premieres immediately following Commissioner’s Corner!

LFL FILMS/8th MAN RADIO PRESENTS (Click to VIEW): ‘Commissioner’s Corner’ SIMULCAST. This Week: LFL Australia, U.S., Expansion and premiere of ‘4 Downs with the Commish’ — Special Guests (IN STUDIO): LFL360’s Jim Wallin | L.A. Temptation Head Coach David Bizub | L.A. Temptation Defensive Coordinator Tui Suiaunoa – #LFL

Founder & Chairman, Mitchell S. Mortaza signs into effect the first official LFL Reality Series Contract.

It seems as though the NFL Replacement Refs have come home to the LFL in this amazing performance of awareness and skill