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Shalynn Durham was celebrating by drinking a beer when a fight broke out. Lingerie and beer? We might need to start paying attention to this league.


Watch as financial genius and billionaire Warren Buffet attends his first LFL game. Buffet not only enjoys the action from his corporate suite but ventures into the Omaha Heart locker-room for a ‘Get one for the Gipper’ pre-game speech.
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The Vegas Sin and Los Angeles Temptation face off for playoff contention in Week 13. Los Angeles triumphed over Vegas, 59-24, in Week 6, but Vegas’ roster is full of wily recruits ready for their breakout game. Will Los Angeles return to Western Conference Championship yet again, or will Vegas finally showcase their talents?
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In his team’s season-opening 13-14 loss to the LA Temptation, head coach Chris Michaelson of WOW clip fame, pulled no punches and lived up to his reputation as perhaps the toughest coach in the league. When Seattle cornerback Megan Hanson was burned not once but twice, coach Michaelson, lost his cool.

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The Legends Football League is 7 on 7 women’s American Gridiron. Producing matches in the United States, Canada, and Australia. The LFL is the fastest-growing Pro sports league in the USA.

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Trish Stratus vs. Terri – Lingerie Paddle Pole Match – WWE Wrestling. Thanks for watching.

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