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In the final regular season ‘Game of the Year’, the Seattle Mist travel to Los Angeles to face the Temptation in a win and advance situation. ‘The Pirate Ship’ in Los Angeles will be…

In the final regular season ‘Game of the Year’, the Seattle Mist travel to Los Angeles to face the Temptation in a win and advance situation. ‘The Pirate Ship’ in Los Angeles will be…

Super Bowl champion and former Redskins great Gary Clark now Baltimore Charm head coach, shows his affection for LFL referees. twitter: @MyLFL Instagram: @MyLFL.

Watch Atlanta Steam stars Leanne Hardin, Coco Montgomery and Dakota Huges alongside Jacksonville Breeze’s Lauran Ziegler, Bryn Renda and Adrian Purnell take the ALS Challenge. The LFL now…

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Ever wonder why the NFL is called the ‘No Fun League’ while the LFL is considered the Rock n Roll football league? Could have something to do with players li… PARIS – We’re back at Salon de la Lingerie Paris 2014 for the “Intimate Chic” runway show.

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