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Ever hear the terms ‘pre-season rankings don’t mean anything’ or ‘football is played on the field and not on paper’? These terms were never more appropriate than Friday, September 17th in Trenton, NJ as the No.7 ranked Philadelphia Passion hosted one of two LFL’s expansion teams in the surprisingly high No.5 ranked Baltimore Charm.

Philadelphia certainly sent a message to the East that this is not the 2009 Passion team that lacked physical play and a strong-armed quarterback. This team is expected to challenge Tampa and Miami for the Eastern Conference crown in January. Next up for Philly, a statement game vs the Miami Caliente on the road.

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Enjoy a special edition of Commissioner’s Corner as host Tyler Dehaven along side Kelly Campbell and Patrick Ruhlig speak with current and former service members, Amber Barrick and Chris Michaelson.
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LFL Films follows Danika Brace, one of the most iconic players in LFL history, through the ups and downs of her 5 years on the gridiron. Leadership is a vital element to any winning franchise, and Danika embodies her role of team captain better than anyone else.
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Watch Atlanta Steam stars Leanne Hardin, Coco Montgomery and Dakota Huges alongside Jacksonville Breeze’s Lauran Ziegler, Bryn Renda and Adrian Purnell take the ALS Challenge.
The LFL now asks YOU to take the ALS Challenge.

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The Legends Football League is 7 on 7 women’s American Gridiron. Producing matches in the United States, Canada, and Australia. The LFL is the fastest-growing Pro sports league in the USA.

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Rose Bryne steps out in some colorful lingerie

Coach Scott McCarron and Coach Carter Crosland talk about football as played by women in a state of undress. For more visit

100 Years of Lingerie in 3 Minutes ★★★. Take. It. Off. Mode’s going back in time to 1915 where modesty, even in lingerie, was king. We’re traveling through each decade to reveal what went on underneath it all. And make sure you stay through to the end for a sweet surprise! ★ Visit Mode now for more:

Sexy Mexican weatherwoman Yanet García is back to break the internet once again with a lingerie video shoot of her cover for Mexican Men’s magazine Revista H.

LFL Commissioner, Mitchell Mortaza, awards game ball following Atlanta Steam’s historic first-ever franchise win.